Waste Management Styles of Cruise Ships

Earthniversity presents a snippet of the different styles of Waste Management done by cruise ships. Their compliance with environmental laws, remove the irritants between the cruise ships and the environmentalists.   Presented here are two videos featuring their styles of managing waste.  The first and the second video tells about the problems the cruise ship’s waste management practices can affect the ocean.  The third video will give you an idea that there is a better way to dispose of wastes and lowering the cruise ships’ environmental footprint.  The fourth and the last video presents the various ways of waste segregation and packaging for proper disposal when the ship reaches its port of call.

Source: You Tube by Tina Dreffin.

Source:  You Tube by Cooper LeComp

Source: youtube, uploaded by DW (English).

We just hope, that all other cruise ships around the world, strictly adhere to the proper management of waste and their sanitary disposal whether on land or the sea.  I think, we just got to believe and trust what they do.  In the final analysis, their name is at stake.  So, cruisers (the people who patronize cruise ships), be selective in your choice of cruise ship.  As you think of your next travel destination, consider the cruise line that has a good record in protecting our environment.


A cruise ship docks at the Heritage Wharf of the Royal Naval Dockyard in the island of Bermuda. (Photo by Henry C. Libo-on at Bermuda Islands, U.K.)

Source: You Tube by MSCCruisesOfficial.


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Updated March 2, 2018.