Activity: Lecture Series on Sustainable Urbanization by the People and Partners of U.N.- Habitat.

This lecture series is very timely for those Local Government Units that are on the stage of developing their cities. This is also an important information for the city’s staff and employees, urban planners and developers to consider as they formulate urban planning and design that could be more relevant for the future. Let us welcome this opportunity to hear the ideas of experts from all over the world in just one video.

Earthniversity would like to thank U.N. Habitat for sharing this video on youtube.

Also, this lecture series is parallel to Earthniversity’s topic entitled Human Settlements.


World Biodiversity Day was held last May 22, 2014. Here’s a message from the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, highlighting that the main cause of threats to Biodiversity and the Environment as a whole is still human activities. But he hopes that global efforts can still make a difference. He said, “together we can build the foundation for sustainable future”.

Source: U.N. Biodiversity Day on Youtube.