“Youth and Mental Health”, This year’s theme of UN International Youth Day Celebration.

In connection with the celebration of the United Nations International Youth Day which occur every 12th day of August, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon stresses that the lack of access to mental health services, stigma, shame, and irrational fears leave people with mental health conditions “more vulnerable to poverty, violence and social exclusion, and negatively impacting society as a whole.” The Theme of the celebration is “Youth And Mental Health”. (Source: http://www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?N)

Earthniversity believes that a more empowered citizens of the world can make a difference in making the Earth a better place to live in.

For a more detailed discussion of the Secreary-General’s message, please check the link below. Thank you.


Also, please watch this video on the Secretary-General’s message to the youth of the world as delivered by Ahmad Alhendawi.

Thank you youtube and the United Nations video on UN International Youth Day.


World Biodiversity Day was held last May 22, 2014. Here’s a message from the U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, highlighting that the main cause of threats to Biodiversity and the Environment as a whole is still human activities. But he hopes that global efforts can still make a difference. He said, “together we can build the foundation for sustainable future”.

Source: U.N. Biodiversity Day on Youtube.