Estuary: A Follow-up Video About Estuaries.

EPA Video
This is a follow-up information material about Estuaries. This video is about Estuaries in the United States. For me, the whole presentation showcases the importance of protecting and conserving Estuaries anywhere in the world.

Earthniversity does not own this video but would like to thank the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or EPA for uploading this video on youtube for all people to watch. We are therefore sharing this video and we hope our followers and website visitors will find this useful and more importantly help people and the community on how they can participate in the protection and conservation of their Estuaries wherever they are in this planet Earth. For more readings about Estuaries you may also refer to the link below, thank you.

The City of Nantes, France is a good example of a city that sits on an Estuary. The city implemented programs and projects that changed the image of this city on the estuary and turned its economy and location into a vibrant place to visit in this part of Europe. Here’s the link:

In the Philippines, my Fatherland, the most famous underground river estuary is the Puerto Princesa Underground River, a UN Heritage Site and one of the world’s 7 Wonders of Nature. It is a protected area that attracts local and international tourists and helps improve the economy and quality of life of the locals and the community. Below is the  link:

This is an old video prior to the declaration of PPUR Estuary as one of the world’s 7 Wonders of Nature. Earthniversity once again states that it does not own this video but would like to thank denr10org for uploading this video on youtube for everyone in the world to watch and enjoy. Thank you.

For a more detailed list on how to protect and conserve the estuaries in your local community, you may refer to the link written below. It is about Hudson River Estuary Programs and Projects.

We hope you will find these information useful. Thank you for visiting Earthniversity.