Suyac Island Mangrove Eco-park


Location: Suyac Island Sagay City, Negros Occidental Philippines

Rules and Regulations for Tourists

1. These centuries-old mangroves are protected through time. Some of these are as old as three hundred years old. Let’s help protect them by not cutting mangroves.
2. Garbage-in, garbage-out is enforced. Please help keep our sea clean and our mangroves healthy.
3. Throwing of garbage including cigarette butts and the like is strictly prohibited.
4. No smoking in almost all of the areas. Smoking area is being provided. Dispose your cigarette butts properly.
5. Bringing and drinking of liquor is not allowed. This is an eco-tourism site.
6. Please don’t vandalize on any of the structures, trees, etc. Don’t etch anything on the trees. Let’s respect our mangroves.
7. As not to disturb the birds and any other wildlife, volume of music and voices should not be too loud.
8. Two-piece bathing suit and other indecent attire is not allowed. Please respect the culture and sensibilities of the community.
9. Please don’t use soap, detergent or shampoo while inside the park. These contains harmful chemicals that may cause damage to our mangroves and our marine eco-system.
10. Don’t pick or bring wild plants or vines or any flora and fauna. Let them be as they were. It take years fro them to grow. Don’t bring with you sand, corals, shells, etc.
11. Don’t harass or kill wildlife such as birds, reptiles etc.
12. Observe wildlife from a respectful distance.
13. Carrying capacity of this mangrove eco-park is 100 persons.
14. When swimming, make sure you have a buddy. Closely supervise your children while swimming.
15. Don’t go to an undesignated trail. This is for your safety and the environment.
16. Burning is not allowed.
17. Please don’t allow your children or adult to jump from mangrove boardwalk to the water. Pneumatophors or exposed roots may cause danger to you.
18. Please don’t climb in the mangrove trees, uproot or stress them. They are meant to be appreciated and protected.
19. When having picture taking with the century-old mangrove eco-park, make sure you are not putting unnecessary harm on them. Don’t trample. Avoid chipping off part of its trunk. It takes years for them to grow.
20. Please help us ensure that this mangrove eco-park will be sustained and preserved by being a responsible tourist.
21. Prior booking is strongly encouraged. Secure entry slip at the Old Sagay Port Area. The best way to visit is during high tide.
22. Overnight stay at the park is not allowed.
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