An Unexpected Lesson Learned

An Unexpected Lesson Learned

This morning, we traveled to New York for an urgent business. As usual we have to bear the traffic and everything it brings on the road. Passing by a few industrial plants I saw white smokes billowing from their chimneys. I was expecting that smokes coming out of these industrial plants are black if not grey but I was wrong. There is only one conclusion that I could immediately make – these plants use high-tech filter to prevent air pollution. This is a different scenario when I think of industrial plants, specifically, sugar mills and factories in my own province. I could not stop myself from wishing – “I hope this practice will also be done by industries and factories in my hometown.” For me, it is nice when we are open to the best practices that people do in their community. With that, we are open to the idea for change.

We left New York at around half past four. As we adjust our GPS where to pass to avoid traffic or what road to follow so we cannot pay the toll fee (hush, $16.00 is big) we ended up following the road leading to George Washington Bridge.

As we maneuver the road, I keenly observed the surroundings for garbage, flying plastic bags, used cups, etcetera and so on and so forth. There were few but I am sure, they will be collected very soon by the Waste Collection Team. As we approached the bridge from Rockefeller University Building, it dawned on me that we were on the side of the river, what river it was I still cannot identify. But one thing is clear to me, it was clean. Wow, I always love clean rivers, creeks, waterways. My eyes were like that of an eagle prying on possible spot in the river where I can see any floating rubbish. There was none. When our car reached the middle part of G. W. Bridge and above the Hudson River, it became clear to me that New York rivers and waterways are clean. Of course, it might be different below the water but we need experts to measure their oxygen level, etcetera and so on and so forth. In the meantime, what I can see as clean might also be what the living organisms under the water experienced. I think so.

Be that as it may, I am amazed at what I saw – clean rivers, clean waterways. Best way of doing things? Why not, or simply a lesson learned today. Yes, I would like to call it this way. Communities and Law helping each other to make these waterways clean. I saw that New York did it, so why can’t we if we try?