The Coral Reef Speaks. Do you want to listen?

Let us begin the year 2015 with a beautiful message from the Coral.  Using the power of personification, Ian Somerhalder,  speaks as the Coral Reef.

Somerhalder is a popular American Actor and Model.  According to Wikipedia, among his notable works included the Lost and the Vampire Diaries.  He was also a multi-awarded actor and was actively involved in the cleanup drive of the Deepwater Horizon oil drilling disaster in 2010.  He also supported the St. Tammany Humane Society, an animal shelter and welfare project. (Source:  Wikipedia).

Earthniversity would like to share this message to you.  The video which is available on youtube is produced by Conservation International and uploaded by ConservationDotOrg.

And now here’s an example of  one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, the Tubbataha Reefs.  It is a 97 hectare reefs located in the middle of Sulu Sea in the Philippines.  It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993.  It is also a protected area under the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.


According Wikipedia, “research of scientists visiting the reefs since the 1980s revealed that the Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park contains no less than 600 fish species, 360 coral species, 11shark species, 13 dolphin and whale species, and 100 bird species. The reefs also serve as a nesting ground forHawksbill and Green sea turtles.”


After watching this video, please spread the word – stop killing the coral reefs.  Thank you.


The Soil Speaks

The most vulnerable part of the planet earth is the Soil.  It is like a sponge, it absorbs anything and everything.  Do you think the Soil has no limits to what humans do to it?  Please listen to this conversation – the Soil Speaks.   Through the medium of “personification”  Edward Norton,  an American actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and activist, speaks on behalf of the Soil.  Please watch this video uploaded by ConservationDotOrg and Conservation International on youtube as part of CI’s global newest branding of the green movement initiatives which  supports.  Here it is:

The Soil Says:

“I am the Soil, I’m in the hills and in the valleys, the farms, the orchards

Without me, humans could not exist, but you treat me like dirt

Do you realize that I’m just a thin skin on this planet?

And that I’m actually alive, full of organisms that grow your food

But I’m broken, aching, overused, sick, because of you

You have withered me away

To less than half of what I used to be just over 100 years ago

Are you paying attention?

I am turning …… to dust

So, maybe you can treat me with a little more respect

I suppose you still want to eat, right?”


(If you have any correction on the foregoing message of the Soil, please let us know, thank you)

The Soil is “personified” by Edward Norton, famous American actor, director, producer, scriptwriter and activist.  Here’ s his photo.

Edward Norton (source: wikipedia)

Earthniversity would like to thank the Conservation International, ConservationDotOrg for uploading this video on youtube.  Earthniversity is just happy to share this video with our followers and website visitors throughout the world.


If The Rainforest Can Speak, What Will He Tells You?

If the rainforest can speak, do you know what he will tell you? Conservation International recently (October 5, 2014) uploaded a video on youtube through ConservationDotOrg and presented a very good discussion of what a rainforest will tell the human population. Here is Kevin Spacey, a famous actor, director, screenwriter and producer, narrating what the Rainforest would tell you. Here is the video.

The Rainforest says as narrated by Kevin Spacey:

“I am the rainforest, I watched them grow up here
They’ve left but they always come back
Yes, they always come back, for my trees, their wood,
my plants, their medicines, for my beauty, their escape
I’ve always been there for them
And I have been more than generous
Sometimes I gave it all to them
Now gone forever
But humans, they’re so smart, so smart
such big brains and opposable thumbs
They know how to make things, amazing things
Now, why would they need an old forest like me anymore?
Jungles, trees, well, they do breathe air and I make air
Have they thought about that?
Humans so smart, they’ll figure it out
Humans making air, that will be fun to watch.”


Narrator: Kevin Spacey

Earthniversity would like to thank Conservation International, ConservationDotOrg and youtube for making this video available to all.

This noble initiative of Conservation International is also in tune with the Earthniversity’s thrust which is Environment and Sustainable Development for planet Earth.


Thank you.

If The Ocean Can Speak, What Will He Tells You?

If the ocean can speak, do you know what he will tell you? The Conservation International through ConservationDotOrg has uploaded a video on youtube recently (October 5, 2014) about the conversation of the Ocean to you. This personification of the Ocean is performed by Harrison Ford, a multi-awarded actor and producer. Earthniversity is therefore happy to share this video with you. Here’s Harrison Ford as the Ocean.

The Ocean Speaks:

“I am the ocean, I’m water, I’m most of this planet, I shaped it.
Every stream, every cloud, and every raindrop
It all comes back to me
One way or another, every living thing here, needs me
I’m the source, I’m what they crawl out of
Humans, they’re not different
I don’t owe them a thing
I give, they take, but I can always take back

That’s just the way as  always been

It’s not their planet anyway, never was never will be
But humans, they take more than their share
They poison me and they expect me to feed them
But it doesn’t work that way
If humans want to exist in nature with me and off of me
I suggest they listen close  I’m only gonna say this once
If nature isn’t kept healthy
Humans won’t survive, simple as that
I mean, I could give a damn  with or without humans
I’m the Ocean
I covered this entire planet once
And I can always cover it again
That’s all I have to say.”


Harrison Ford is the Ocean.

Earthniversity would like to thank Conservation International and ConservationDotOrg for sharing this video on youtube. Earthniversity shares this noble intention of Conservation International with our own thrust – Environment and Sustainable Development. Thank you.

If Mother Nature Can Speak, What Will She Tells You?

If mother nature can speak, what will she tells you? Listen to this video from Conservation International, uploaded on October 5, 2014 on youtube. The narrator is Julia Roberts. Here it is:

“Some call me Nature, others call me mother nature
I’ve been here for over four and a half billion years
Twenty-two thousand five hundred times longer than you
I don’t really need people but people need me
Yes, your future depends on me
When I thrive, you thrive
When I falter, you falter or worse (?)
But I’ve been here for aeons
I have fed species greater than you, and
I have starved species greater than you
My oceans, my soil, my flowing streams, my forests,
they all can take you or leave you
How you chose to live each day whether you regard or
disregard me doesn’t really matter to me
One way or the other your actions will determine your fate not mine
I am nature
I will go on
I am prepared to evolve

Are you?”

Source: Conservation International and youtube.

Thank you CI and ConservationDotOrg for posting this on youtube.