5 Best Provinces To Live In (Philippines only)

Provinces are in random order. Choose 5 provinces and then click vote.

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42 thoughts on “5 Best Provinces To Live In (Philippines only)

  1. come,live and experience the sweetest place in the philippines.

    the sugarbowl of asia and the home of world renowned masskara festival


    • Iloilo don’t pretend that your place is the best..i think there’s no good places for adventures that we could able to visit in iloilo…just an old churches that could able also to find in any other places in the phils.

  2. AKLAN – Home of the World’s Best White Sand Beaches (Boracay Island) and Mother of All Philippine Festivals (Ati-Atihan Festival)

  3. AKLAN – Tourism Flag Bearer in Western Visayas with 1.6 million tourist arrival (January to August 2014) (600,000 foreign tourist) and No. 1 most riches province in the Philippines with 45 billion Locally Source Income (LSI) in the year 2013.

  4. AKLAN the oldest province in the Philippines, organized in 1213 by settlers from Borneo as the Minuro it Aklan to include what is now the province of Capiz. It was inaugurated as an independent province in November 8, 1956.

  5. Cympre Bacolod City and Negros Occidental ! Magtatanong pa ba? Center of Excellence magtagal na… Hall of Fame nga e.. Tholons? Top 1 well.now you now

    Lahat ng probinsya sa Pinas maganda.!

  6. Negros Occidental & Bacolod City its capital nothing compares this promising place in the Phils. everything under the sun you could find here from delicious foods to amazing places. “Dream Big!…visits Bacolod.”

  7. Negros occidental… Minimal white sand beaches but be amaze of mountain resorts that our province can showcase… Not only the city of smile but also a place where sweet people live… Hmmm… Sa negros matam is nga yuhum ang ga welcome sa inyo…

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