My Last Super Moon

Considering that the last Super Moon happened 70 years ago, I was left with a thought that the next time it happens and that will be many years to go, maybe another 70 years, then, I will just be a memory.  Maybe, to dust I have returned, haha…So, this is my last Super Moon in my worldly existence.

The photo of the SM that I posted here was captured just a few minutes ago as the moon hovers in the Edison, New Jersey area where I live.

Maybe what I will do with this photo is to have it reproduced by Walgreens and I will have it framed and distributed to all my children with a caption below the photo – “Grandpa’s last Super Moon”….haha.

Do you think this is insane? Yeah, I agree…haha…but sometimes, when we are faced with the realities of life such as getting old, it is like being given an apple or a lemon.  Comparing this event to a lemon in my life, the best that I can do is to make it into a lemonade.

Agree?  If you don’t,  just allow me to have this piece of the moment converted into a sweet lemonade than a sweet apple that I may not have experienced.

My camera, no mater how simple it is, has enabled me to focus the Super Moon and see it in a better angle.  The photo that I posted here is the best that I can show you.

Thank you Super Moon for making me experience your brightness and your hugeness.  I just hope that before I die, you shall come back.  Make it early next time.  I want to laugh.

By the way, can you see Mt. Rushmore in the photo?