The Wow Island of Madagascar

If there is any place on Earth that catches my imagination, it is Madagascar.  I wish I could visit it before I die.  In the meantime, let me share this video from “Stop Over (Documentary, Discovery, History) entitled Madagascar : The Routes of the Sea, directed by Alain Dayan and published on You Tube.

Madagascar is one of the islands in the world with a very rich Biodiversity.  It is home to unique species of flora and fauna on planet earth.  Hereunder is a video entitled,  Madagascar: An Island’s Last Stand (Condensed Version) by Ryan M. Bolton, published on You Tube (4/17/2013).  Bolton presented the different species of animals endemic on the island of Galapagos but threatened of extinction.

Earthniversity is therefore sharing this video from Stop Over (Documentary, Discovery, History) and Ryan M. Bolton, for your viewing pleasure.

(Earthniversity does not own this video.  Recognition of the source of materials had been cited.)

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