Lazi Convent: Nice Project for A Museum

As a former Spanish colony for almost 400 years, the Philippines had been the home of old structures like churches, convents, and houses, among others.

In several islands of the country, there are Spanish heritage sites and places that stood the test of time, thus making them as reflections of the rich Spanish cultural heritage of the islands and the Filipino people as a whole.

One of the islands that have old churches and “conventos”, is the Island of Siquijor.

DSCF2983 DSCF3018

The Lazi Convent, houses a few antique pieces of religious objects which have great significance to the history and culture of the island.  But these antique works of art had been, in a sense, neglected and kept in one of the rooms inside the convent.

Lazi Convent, therefore, needs improvement to make it an awesome museum that tourists can visit and thus, appreciate the rich history and culture of Siquijodnon, the inhabitants of the island.

It could have been better if a local Technical Working Group or TWG can be created to plan and implement strategies to start the work of converting or making the Convent as a Museum.  The local Historical Commission can work hand in hand with the local Tourism Council and the private citizens on the island to help plan and implement this project.  Also, the local councils can coordinate with the National Historical Institute to implement this museum project for Lazi Convent.

Earthniversity is hopeful that the improvement of Lazi Convent into an awesome museum can be realized.

Please click this link, below, to read more about Lazi Convent of Siquijor Island, Philippines.

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