Drought In American West?

NASA Goddard had released this video projecting the occurrence of drought in American West.  As the old question goes, “Do you give a damn?”  I suppose the answer would be, “Yes, we give a damn”.  After all the enumeration of the factors that contribute to the issue on Drought, we “zero in” on the changing climate as one of the biggest factor.  If we will have a status quo in terms of human activities including the immission of greenhouse gasses, then the threat of Drought around the world, not only in the American West, will continue to rise.  Therefore, there is a need for all peoples in the world to change their habits and human activities focusing on the immission of greenhouse gases.  If we do this, then there will be hope for a reduction in the threats of Drought in areas already affected by it, and the chances of lessening the occurrence of Drought in areas that are not yet affected.

For more ideas, please watch this video.

Source: youtube by NASA Goddard, February 2015.


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