World Climate Summit @ Lima, Peru…details

DSCF2707Earthniversity would like to share this update on the World Climate Summit to take place at Lima, Peru on December 10, 2014.  (Source: World Climate Ltd. @ http.//

The World Climate Summit  is a one-day event with 500+ delegates invited by the organizer. Attendance is by invitation only but they will accept around 300 pax as part of the AUDIENCE.  There are, however, various Events like Plenary Sessions and Press Briefings by various countries and organizations participating in this Summit which begins on the first day of December until the 11th of December.  European Union, had their Press Briefing on the 30th of November.

According to the organizer, the audience will consist of 300 global leaders including government representatives, CEOs, thought-leaders, dealmakers, philanthropists, business executives and others such as civil society organisations and media.

The summit is also known as UNFCCC COP or United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Conference of Parties. The COP is the “supreme body” of the UNFCCC.

Please click this link for the details, thank you.

According to the organizer, the following are the objective of the summit:

The World Climate Summit (WCS) is the premier business event at the COP and this year’s summit is the 5th edition. The objectives of the World Climate Summit this year are to:

  • Work with leaders from government, business and international organizations to define solutions and policies towards the mitigation of climate change
  • Provide the premier business, finance and government forum alongside the UNFCCC negotiations
  • Be a key event on the ‘Road to Paris’ 2015 and set an agenda of actions and further commitments at COP20 and for COP21 in Paris
  • Drive new policies, projects and investments across the public and private sector, especially for Latin America.

According to the Organizer, this is the Format of the Summit:

  • Press conference on the status and outlook of the Road to Paris 2015
  • Interactive plenary sessions focused on international, regional and national aspects
  • Presentations, panels and high-level dialogues
  • Networking and match-making opportunities

As earlier mentioned, the summit will be attended by more than 500 participants coming from big corporations and country representatives from all over the world.

(Photo credit: Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard by Henry C. Libo-on)

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