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I’m reading E.O. Wilson’s book, Biophilia, for the first time. I have biophilia: the innate tendency to focus on life and life-like processes.


A tide pool to explore, in San Diego, CA.


Wilson’s book are his thoughts on humans, and our connection with other life forms and each other, on Earth.





Last night I read a most inspirational quote, a memorial tribute to Hermann Minkowski, by Daivd Hilbert, about the “…perpetual cycle with gentle botanic images”. His words speak volumes about why I do what I do, why I say what I say, and why I teach the way I do.


“Our Science, which we loved above everything, had brought us together. It appeared to us as a flowering garden. In this garden there were wellworn paths where one might look around at leisure and enjoy oneself without effort, especially at the side…

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4 thoughts on “Words to Inspire

  1. Hi Maryinline, your post is really inspirational and reading it, is like breathing fresh air. I was editing the collection of ideas on MDG – United Nations Millenium Development Goals when your post came in…. I was happy to learn that I am not alone, indeed, with regards to biophilia….looks forward to read more posts from you…please share more of your ideas with us….have a great day!

  2. Thanks Henry. I’ve been reading several different genres of books lately, and as I approach a new year teaching 5 year olds at Carbondale’s Waldkinder Adventure Preschool, I’m gravitating towards the classic “get outside and be in the world” books. I felt this one was long over due! Next on my list is Coyote!

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