In the celebration of Earth Day on April 22, 2015, Earthniversity would like to re-post this video. Hoping that this will inspire the readers to engage in activities that can protect and conserve the environment.

For LGUs (local government units) and communities around the world, the following programs and projects can be implemented in your local community to support the Earth Day celebration. These are the following:

1. Tree planting in selected areas which were identified by your local environment office.  This included mangrove tree planting.

2. Clean-up Drive along the coastal areas, river sides, creeks, waterways, parks, forest areas frequented by tourists who left the rubbish there.

3. Conduct of information, education and community consultation, workshop, or symposium on topics relevant to the protection and conservation of the environment.

4. Other activities you deem fit for your local community.

5. You can also visit this link for 10 things you can do this Earth Day.

Earthniversity would like to recognize BlueGreenEarth for uploading this video on youtube. We would like to thank them for sharing this to every citizen of the Earth. The vocalist is M. Spielberg. Thank you. THIS IS OUR TRIBUTE TO MOTHER EARTH as we celebrate MOTHER EARTH DAY on April 22.

Also please  watch the video Earth From Space…look for the planet earth icon and click that…you will surely like it.


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