Earthniversity on it’s 1st Month


Kudos to Earthniversity for getting 500+ followers before its first month which is on the 20th of April. We are inspired by this progress.  It is like ethanol in a green car towards sustainable development.   We would like to thank everyone  for joining us in our advocacy on how to care for our Mother Earth.  Also, we hope some followers will contribute a blog in the future.

Our stories are designed to reach as many netizens and to spread the various ways to deal with the problems facing our planet.  By looking at your local experience, you are more in tune on how these environment related problems should be addressed.  Earthniversity will provide simple and easy to understand tips on conserving and protecting our environment and designing sustainable development activities.

By thinking globally and acting locally, you are making a difference for Mother Earth.   Let us join hands, minds, hearts and initiatives to promote health in our planet.

Again, congratulations to all our followers, Admin Marmar and friends of Earthniversity.  Cheers to the FIVE  HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO!





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