Clean Environment: CLEAN AIR

Clean Environment:  CLEAN AIR

Clean Air has always been a major consideration of any traveler visiting a new town or travel destination area. Although not a conscious need, any newbie in town would soon felt that he or she is in a polluted country or in an environment with enough clean air to fill his or her lungs.

The first time I stepped on the busy streets of Manila happened in 1971 during an educational field trip. That was 43 years ago. I lived with my friend in Nayong Pilipino which was a tourist destination during Martial Law years. But one experience I could not forget occurred one morning on our way to Makati. We arrived at our destination after a few hours of travel on board the bus which was, I think, named California.

Before we arrived in Makati, I already felt sleepy. I had a good night’s sleep and could not comprehend why the sleepiness in me. My friend clarified that she felt the same way too every time she takes the bus because, she said, of pollution.

Air Pollution occurs when air contains gases, dust, fumes or odor in harmful amounts.

Who are the makers of air pollution? Unsanitary Garbage Dumpsite, Piggery and Poultry Farms, Factories, Restaurants with Barbecue Grills, Cars, Buses and Jeepneys, Hospital Waste, Funeral Parlors, Clogged Esteros and Waterways like Rivers and Creeks and so many others.

With the passage of the Clean Air Act, hopes were high among so many people riding the public transport. Many years have passed and the same problems still exist. Let me cite one example, the jeepneys. Post yourself in one side of the street and let us start the timer and I am very sure it will not take you an hour before one or several passenger jeepneys will pass by you and “belch” you with its fumes.

Clean Air is what we hope to breath on the road not polluted and toxic air. When will this moment come? I do not want to keep on wishing and hoping. But, just like the rest of you, I have no choice but to hope that the government will implement environment laws with greater teeth, so to speak.

Parallel to this, may I add that Palawan is one of the few provinces where environment protection and conservation is a common practice. The town of Taytay is one of these. I posted a photo of Taytay from their famous Fort of Santa Isabel. Taytay is not only a tourist destination area but I found Taytay to be clean and green too.

Farther to the east of the Philippines, in the Pacific Ocea is the island of Guam, where America’s day begins. Most areas of Guam, like Talofofo, Merizo, and Inarajan or the southern and eastern side (photo of the coast and tree) have beautiful landscapes and abundant fresh air.

Clean Environment means Clean Air, Clean Water and Clean Land. What moves do we need to do, to make a change? If you have comments or suggestions, please start a conversation with us.

For further readings on how you can promote air quality in your home or workplace, please read “How To Test Air Quaity” at

(Photos by Henry Lib. Port of Taytay Town, Palawan and Solitary Tree facing the vast Pacific Ocean, Eastside of Guam Island)


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