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Strategic Planning W/S On Making The LGU Responsive To The Needs Of The 21st Century

This Is For Classroom Discussion Purposes Only. Disclaimer: Earthniversity does own “authorship” of the materials used in this write-up. The source of the original material or Strategic Planning Toolkit have been duly acknowledged at the bottom of the page. At the time of writing, Earthniversity exerted effort to gather and/or research, as much as possible, … Continue reading


By Henry Libo-on, Creator/Writer of Earthniversity Introduction Earth Day is an annual event held in more than 193 countries worldwide. It all started on April 22, 1970 by EARTHDAY.ORG formerly Earth Day Network. (en.wikipedia.org). It was Julian Koenig, however, who coined the word Earth Day. Koenig is a Madison Avenue (New York) (Advertisement) giant known … Continue reading


By Henry Libo-on, Creator/Writer of Earthniversity Introduction Cutting trees is not sustainable. Why? Because when you cut trees you lost them forever unless you transplant them in another location. If you replace the trees you cut by planting more trees, you have to wait for many years to enjoy its fruits, flowers, shade, and others. … Continue reading